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Errors, Omissions, Corrections 2021 Nebraska Golf Passport Book

From time to time, we have an error or two in the book. Here are the known errors:
- Tregaron Golf Course valid times are Sat-Sun after 1, the book lists the times incorrectly
- The Passport Fee for Centura Hills in Cairo, NE is $35 on the weekends, but is listed incorrectly in the passport
- The Passport Fee for Hillcrest Country Club in Yankton, SD is $45, but is listed incorrectly in the passport

What is the "Passport Fee?"

The Passport Fee covers 18 holes with cart at each facility you play. The Passport Fee is an exclusive rate available only to Passport holders. You may use your Passport at each facility 1 time per year utilizing the Passport Fee offer OR the All Day Play offer, not both.

What is the "All Day Play" rate?

The All Day Play rate is new for 2021. This rate covers 36 holes with cart at many facilities in the program. You may use this offer instead of the Passport Fee if you choose. You can't use both offers, and must decide what fits your situation better.

Why does the "Passport Fee" vary at each course?

Although some courses have a higher fee due to overhead, your cost to play these courses is significantly lower than the general public. For example, Tatanka Golf Club charges over $70 for 18 and a cart on the weekends for the general public; as a Passport member you get to play it for only $35 (a 50% savings).

Why do "Valid Times of Use" vary at each course?

Many of our facilities have certain times reserved for Member Play on the weekends and other select times.

What happens if I forget or lose my Passport?

Your Passport is required at check-in or the course may not honor the exclusive rate so please take care of your Passport. If you lose your passport, you must purchase a new one.

When can I expect my Passport in the mail?

Orders generally arrive 5-7 business days after purchase or sooner.

How long is the Passport valid for?

The 2021 Nebraska Golf Passport is valid January 1st, 2021 through December 31st, 2021.

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Our mission is simple: promote golf. The Nebraska Golf Passport was created to provide golfers access to some of Nebraska’s premier courses, including Wild Horse Golf Club (Gothenburg), Scottsbluff Country Club (Scottsbluff), Lochland Country Club (Hastings), Beatrice Country Club (Beatrice), Elks County Club (Columbus), Norfolk Country Club (Norfolk), and other great tests of golf.

Golf is sharing time with good friends, laughing, and enjoying the green grass and sunshine, while trying to hit a little white ball into a 4-1/4 inch hole. Anything we can do to promote the game is our mission. Good luck and enjoy playing the greatest game ever created. #GolfForLife

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